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SimpliSafe's equipment comes with a 3 year warranty. If you have any problems, SimpliSafe will try and fix it, or send you new equipment free of charge. Free and easy installation. SimpliSafe is all DIY, so there's no extra charge for installation. The equipment and the overall system itself are fairly straightforward. You can usually install it yourself in under an hour.

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Additional PIR or door sensors are available and cheap. Easy set up. Just put battery in siren whilst off the wall, link sensors by pressing key fob once, and the button in each sensor three times and it is all done. Put siren on wall – which is easy – good instructions on DVD. Cost £79 and with 1 extra key fob controller, 1 extra PIR room sensor and 1 extra door sensor – a very reasonable total of £150 including VAT and del. It’s nearest decent rival – Powermax cost circa £300 or £500 fitted – so the response SL1 is a bargain but still good. I was told by the supplier that Age UK have fitted many of these units – so looks like they are tried and tested. The SL2 and 3 have extras like keypads but obviously you will need a mains source to power that. You do not need to be a DIY genius or super technical to fit. Great for first timer. Recommended.

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